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SR Motor

Project SR

Project SR is an initiative by a group of Enthusiasts who are also petrol-heads to build custom, recreational and entry level electric sports bikes.The reason behind this initiative as hardcore petrol-heads hate EV's for the lack of sound and feel.We want to create a different feel for electric vehicles, which would give it a separate identity and not be electric toy to others.This new feel put joy and would give a whole new meaning and perspective to motoring in this generation.In India,our home country we do not have Tesla's or Zero Motorcycles,we only have only have slow electric scooters.So we decided to make our own electric vehicle and share this new fun with the early adopters.

We are designing performance electric bikes for the automotive enthusiast at the same time providing options to personalize the bikes. We envision electric bikes becoming more than a just mode of commuting and transcending to big boys'​ toys as recreational bikes or sport bikes, which can be achieved from the instant torque that the electric motors can provide.

Our "Makers Garage Cafe"​ is a point of interaction between automotive enthusiasts, where we promote the culture of electric bikes. Apart from serving delicious food, the café will also houses a workshop, where customers can consult with our team and design their own bikes. Other than our designs, all other custom bikes will be made on order.

Our Vision :
In the future our vision is to use 3D printing and CNC to make a modular electric vehicles, with add on modules and upgradable modules and also inter-changable body kits and parts.Just like Transformers who can special add on kits like Optimus having a trailer for the jetwing or like Google Project ARA the modular mobile phone.


Project SR Playground

Berberi, Singur
Saturday, 8am - 4m
Sunday, 8m -45pm

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