About Us

About Us

Project SR is a high-performance electric vehicle company established in 2018with a dedicated R&D department. Our mission is to redefine the joy of motoring through innovative electric vehicles designed and developed in Kolkataand proudly made in India.

Our story began with a group of enthusiasts and petrol heads who wanted to change the perception of electric vehicles. We understand that many hardcore petrolheads dislike EVs for their lack of sound and feel. Therefore, our goal is to create a unique identity for electric vehicles that provides a thrilling and joyful experience, far from being mere electric toys.

In India, our home country, the market is dominated by slow electric scooters, and we lack options like Tesla or Zero Motorcycles. This gap inspired us to develop our own electric vehicles, aiming to bring a new kind of fun to early adopters. At Project SR, we design high-performance electric bikes tailored for automotive enthusiasts, offering personalized options to make each bike unique.

We believe in the potential of electric bikes to transcend their role as mere commuting tools. Our bikes are designed to become recreational and sport bikes that deliver instant torque and exhilarating performance. Our future vision includes utilizing 3D printing and CNC technology to create modular electric motorcycles and cars, featuring add-on and upgradable modules, as well as interchangeable body kits and parts. This ensures endless customization possibilities, allowing each rider to create a bike that is truly their own.

At Project SR, we cherish the connection between man and machine. We aim to provide a new perspective on motoring for this generation, turning electric vehicles into big boys' toys that bring joy and excitement. Join us in this journey and experience the new era of motoring with Project SR.