E-Bikes: What Future Beholds for us

Why should we buy electric vehicles?

What’s in it for us

How do we get benefit?

Does electric vehicle make any sense in daily commute?

Is it the right time to switch on electric vehicles?


Electric vehicles are the way forward for India & we must move towards electric vehicles in order to replace fossil fuel -based vehicles so that we can reduce the alarming projections of global warming. Around the world many countries are adopting electric mobility to achieve environmental sustainability & clean air to breathe. It will not be enough to merely replace internal combustion engines with electric vehicles. The ‘Paris agreement’ which was held on 12th December 2015, clearly highlighted that carbon emission should be reduced by 33% to 35% by 2030. As of now 195 countries has signed & conveyed their willingness towards that statement. 

While the benefit of electric vehicles is oblivious, adoption rate of electric vehicles is minimal in India. So, We as Indian citizens can take the initiative towards sustainable development which in turn will convert in economic benefit. Using electric vehicles is the first initiative towards it & we can get economic benefit out of sustainable development.

Sustainable living is a way of life to reduce the use of natural resources & living life in such a way that adds values to their independent relationship with mother nature.

In addition to environmental degradation, electric vehicles can provide many benefits to riders:

Saving economic resources is no more a challenge

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run & operate than fossil fuel consuming vehicles. Electric vehicles can also save maintenance cost. Battery operated electric vehicles don’t need oil changes & even don’t require any maintenance & servicing. We at SR promise you to deliver electric thrust & propulsion to optimize your desire for the emission free whole new world.

It is attributable to analyse cost & benefit getting out of electric vehicles. Here let’s have a brief look how team SR can help you to save your economic resources. At SR, it is estimated that only 10 paisa is the running cost to run 1 km based on the laboratory testing as well as real time trial. For daily commute you only spend Rs 2 per day (assuming 20 km) & hence Rs 720 per year.

We can get the exact scenario while comparing it with fossil fuel using vehicles. In general terms, it needs Rs 2500 for running & maintenance for a month & hence 30,000 per year. It is a clear benefit that we at team SR provides you. 

Better ridding experience

An electric vehicle produces fast torque than the IC engine vehicles. It simply means that electric vehicles provide you smooth & responsive acceleration & deceleration.

Be the early adapters to change

Future is electric, come be the part of the revolution and enjoy the superior experience in the form of comfort, safety & mobility. Move with electric, move with SR.